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  • Office colleagues brainstorming on coloured whiteboard wall using Smart Wall Paint
  • Office workers planning using clear Smart wall paint
  • Office desk with clear writable wall paint
  • Office meeting with world map on clear writable wall paint
  • Child drawing on reusable whiteboard paint
  • Smart Wall Paint aiding idea generation
  • Product planning on clear dry erase paint
  • Office team brainstorming with Smart writable wall paint
  • Social media planning with clear whiteboard wall paint
  • Clear smart wall paint in cafe
  • Office planning by colleagues with clear smart dry erase paint
  • Clear Smart whiteboard paint  product
  • Office quote on clear whiteboard paint
  • Smart Wall Paint in Office

Dry Erase Paint - Clear

  • Smart Wall Paint Clear is a one coat whiteboard paint which transforms surfaces into large writable dry erase areas,  in the colour or design of your choice.

    Looking for inspiration ? Watch this one minute video to see Smart Wall Paint Clear in use.

    Simply apply one coat of Smart Wall Paint Clear over any non-absorbent digital print, wallpaper or paint.

    Reinvent entire offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and any other collaborative spaces with this product.

    Winner of European Office Products Association 2014 annual awards.

      • Complies with all European environmental, health and safety regulations including LEED, Fire Certification, M1 and Indoor Air Comfort.
      • Can be applied around people as it is a low odour, low VOC product and contains no isocyanates.
      • Comes in a kit which includes roller(s) and other accessories (see product details).
      • Manufactured in Ireland and the UK.

           10 Year Guarantee

  • Smart Wall Paint Kits are available in sizes to cover 2m², 6m², 12m² & 18m².

    2m², 6m² & 12m² Kits include: Paint (two part system), roller sleeve, roller handle, sanding block, stirring stick, latex gloves, a Smart Sponge, application guide and wall sticker.

    18m² Kit includes: Same as above plus 3 roller sleeves included. 

    Top Tips

    1.When applying Smart Wall Paint Clear onto absorbent surfaces such as plaster or matt paint, it is essential to seal the surface first with Smart Sealer.

    2. Each kit should not be stretched above the specified covering area as this will affect performance. 

    3. Smart Wall Paint reacts adversely with water. For this reason, please use the new roller in your kit to apply.

           10 Year Guarantee

  • Can I apply Smart Wall Paint Clear over any colour paint ? Yes, except for white. (Please choose Smart Wall Paint White for a traditional white dry erase surface). 

    How do I apply Smart Wall Paint Clear ?  Watch step-by-step video application guide. Read or download step-by-step application guide. 

    What can I paint it on ? Any smooth surface, such as a wall, desk or door. Apply over regular paint, wallpaper or digital prints.

    What is the application process? Just like any paint, firstly prepare ( seal the surface first if it's absorbent) and then apply Smart Wall Paint. It will be touch dry in 5 hours and ready to use in 7 days.

    What accessories can be used with this product? Just like any whiteboard, use any good quality whiteboard markers and cleaners (available here too or browse "Kit Options" from the dropdown menu on the "Kit Upgrade" section to see our offers of paint including accessories).

    Can it be applied around people? Yes, it is completely safe to apply around adults and children as it is certified as an extremely low VOC and low odour product.

    Is it a safe product to use? Yes, Smart Wall Paint complies to all European safety standards. It does not contain any isocyanates.  

    Do I need to employ a professional painter to apply Smart Wall Paint ? No, anyone can paint Smart Wall Paint.

    Is it permanent ? No. Simply paint over if no longer required.

    For more information, see our full FAQs section.

           10 Year Guarantee

  • Get Even More Functionality!

    Why not add magnetic functionality to your dry erase surface ? Browse our Collaborator Collection to see the benefits of using either magnetic paint or plaster under your dry erase surface.

    Click here to visit our Collaborator Collection and save money when buying more than one of our functional surfaces products, when bought together.

    Save on Accessories

    Save money if you choose to add accessories and Smart Sealer to your purchase.

    Browse kit options from the dropdown menu below. 

    10-Year Guarantee

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